Course information for September 2024 admissions

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Teaching and Learning at SJWMS

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School has a challenging and academic curriculum which is appropriate for the needs of our pupils. Information on the specific curriculum each year follows can be found in the information about each key stage. Our approach to teaching is characterised by unwavering high expectations of both our staff and our pupils. Teachers are all specialists in their fields and there is nearly no teaching outside of subject specialist areas. Teaching does not follow a prescribed formula. Teachers are encouraged to be creative and flexible in their approaches with the emphasis on ensuring pupils make rapid and sustained progress in their knowledge, understanding and skills. Our own evaluations, pupil surveys, parental questionnaires and the school’s exceptional outcomes all point to teaching being highly effective across all departments.

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Why do A Level PE

  • You enjoy the subject and have a desire to further enhance your knowledge and understanding of PE
  • Passionate about sport?
  • Driven to find out how you can improve your performance?
  • Interested in how our bodies push themselves to their physical peak?
  • Keen to understand what gives Olympic champions the psychological edge over their competitors?
  • Intrigued by why nearly one billion people would watch a single sporting event?

Taking the subject

  • This challenging course offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic and practical skills. It develops knowledge and understanding of the physiological, psychological and socio-cultural factors influencing performance. 
  • It promotes the skills necessary to analyse, evaluate and improve performance.

What is studied?

  • Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Topic 2: Exercise physiology and applied movement analysis
  • The assessment consists of short answer, long answer and extended answer questions
  • Topic 1: Skill acquisition
  • Topic 2: Sport psychology
  • Topic 3: Sport and society
  • The assessment consists of short answer, long answer and extended answer questions
  • This is your practical performance in one physical activity as a player/ performer or coach
  • This will be marked in school and moderated by the examiner

Written coursework which will be marked in school and moderated by the examiner

Sports Science

  • Exercise physiologist
  • Sport psychologist
  • Strength and Conditioning coach
  • PE teacher
  • Sports coach
  • Higher Education lecturer
  • Sports therapist
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Sports development officer
  • National Governing Body employee

Type of questions 

  1. Correct nutrition is an essential consideration for any serious athlete in order to provide the energy necessary for training and competition.
    Three food groups can produce energy. Name the three groups and identify the approximate % required by an athlete of your choice. You should explain the reason behind the given quantities (8)
  1. Discuss how technology can be used to improve sports performance (15)


A great opportunity to take a course that covers a large range of content and has a practical element to it.

Important that you remain actively engaged in sport over your 2 years of the A Level 



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