Purposes of our Behaviour Procedure:

  • To promote good behaviour and discipline.
  • To promote self-esteem, self-discipline, an appreciation of the consequences of their actions, proper regard for authority and positive relationships based on mutual respect.
  • To ensure fairness of treatment for all.
  • To promote early intervention to ensure students have the opportunity to achieve their potential.
  • To provide a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment.
  • To empower staff to teach and manage student behaviour effectively and consistently.
  • To encourage a positive relationship with parents/carers and involve them in the implementation of the policy.

The Math prides itself on being a well ordered school. We pay particular attention to the development of self-discipline, responsibility and courtesy. Our School Rules are relatively few in number but are implemented fairly and without favour.

The principle behind our School Rules is one of reasonableness and common sense, to ensure the safety and well-being of all pupils and the smooth running of the school.

Breaches of our School Rules (as detailed in our Behaviour Policy in the link below) will result in Consequences being invoked.

Teachers have a power to issue detention to pupils.

The school uses detentions as a consequence for behaviour that contravenes this policy and breaches our School Rules.

Parents and carers should be aware that parental consent is not required for detentions.

Our consequences are designed to promote positive behaviour and create an ethos in which learners feel valued, cared for and safe.

The school understands the unfortunate prominence sexual harassment has taken in today’s society and, as such, understands its duty to ensure our youngsters are well-educated on this topic and fully supported if they are the victim of this behaviour.

The safety and safeguarding of our young people is paramount and we will not accept or tolerate any instances of sexual harassment, or associated behaviours. We take any allegations or instances of this behaviour extremely seriously and expect and demand that our school is a harassment-free zone. The school will not hesitate to apply any relevant and appropriate sanctions.

The school also strives to ensure students feel comfortable and safe to disclose any instances of sexual harassment and has established various routes for doing so. Please see the school’s Behaviour Policy for more details.

full behaviour policy

Behaviour Culture

Good order and discipline are essential to the provision of a high standard of education. Effective teaching and learning can only take place in a well ordered environment.  Being taught how to behave well and appropriately is vital for all pupils to succeed personally.  Therefore, our key behaviour expectations are:

Arrive to school on time and equipped for learning

Always be courteous, considerate and co-operative.

Never act in any manner likely to bring discredit upon yourself or the good reputation of the school.

Always treat others (students, staff, parents, visitors) as you wish to be treated yourself.

Sometimes a pupil’s behaviour will be unacceptable, falling below our behaviour expectations.  Pupils need to understand that there are consequences for their behaviour, and this will involve the use of reasonable and proportionate sanctions, implemented fairly and without favour.