Year 6 Transition to the Math (Update)

Four boys sitting on the school field while smiling and talking to each other


Dear Parent / Guardian,

I am writing to you in order to apologise. I am very sorry to say that following considerable pressure from external stakeholders we will no longer be able to run the face-to-face induction we had planned on the 9th July.

Whilst we had already trimmed down what we were planning and put in place additional Covid controls there is considerable unease from some of these external stakeholders about face-to-face events and it has become increasingly apparent that, much to our regret, we will not be able to go ahead.

We will continue with our Year 7 day on Tuesday 31st August. This will be an opportunity for the new Year 7 to attend without the other year groups being present in the school and will provide an opportunity to orient them and settle them in. Further details about this day will be sent in due course.

Keep an eye out for further emails and mailshots which will contain all the information we intended to provide on the 9th.


Mr E Hodges | Headteacher

letter dated 15th June 2021

Dear Parent,

As we move towards half term, we thought we’d get in touch to keep you informed about the next steps in ensuring your son transitions to Year 7 at the Math in September smoothly.

Our usual Year 6 to 7 transition activity consists of primary school visits in June, our New Entrants Evening, also in June, followed by a Year 6 induction day in July and a transition day in September.

Unsurprisingly, it looks unlikely that we’ll be able to undertake these activities in their normal format this year, but we will be doing other things to make sure all the students who are joining us in September have all the information they need and all their questions answered.

The centerpiece of our transition activity will be two induction days on 8th and 9th July when your son will spend those days in school, familiarising himself with the school, meeting friends and teachers and understanding systems and processes. We will be writing to you next term with full details about these two days.

The first day of school for year 7 will be on Tuesday 31st August 2021.

In addition, we will also be sending out a weekly ‘emailshot’ with key information such as welcome video clips, a virtual school tour, a ‘starting at the Math’ pamphlet, an information booklet and reflections from current students.

Keep looking out for further transition information and we look forward to welcoming all our new students to the Math.

Yours sincerely,
Mr E Hodges | Headteacher