Wellbeing Statement


The school is committed to supporting pupils with recognised mental health conditions.

The school is committed to promoting positive mental health and resilience within the school setting in order to allow the pupils to feel safe and have a sense of belonging.

The school will offer continuous professional development to staff to promote early identification of mental health difficulties.

The school will work closely with parents and carers as well as with the pupils themselves when dealing with mental health difficulties.

The school will seek the advice & support of medical professionals & services when severe problems occur.

The school is committed to adopting a ‘whole-school approach’ in regards to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing amongst pupils, staff and parents and establishing various support mechanisms for all.

SJWMS Objectives:

  • To identify and provide for pupils who have mental health difficulties.
  • To support all pupils in becoming more emotionally resilient and mentally healthy.
  • To add pupils who have severe mental health difficulties to the SEN register & identify them as having SEN status.
  • To include pupils who have SEN status as a result of their mental health difficulties in the Assess, Plan, Do, Review Process in terms 2, 4 and 6 where appropriate.
  • To make sure all staff are offered appropriate training to allow them to recognise and safely support pupils with mental health difficulties.
  • To work with pupils and families and make sure the views, wishes and feelings of pupils and their families are always considered.
  • To seek advice from the school counsellor, educational psychologist and other medical professionals and services when the mental health needs of an individual pupil become too complex for the school to manage at a pastoral level.
  • To have termly Mental Health meetings with all Heads of Year, the SEN and SLT team, and the school counsellor to discuss and review the needs of the pupils in school presenting with Mental Health concerns.
  • To provide support to staff through training, CPD and the appraisal and line management system, as well as access to the various in-school support on offer e.g. counsellor.
  • To provide support to parents through pastoral support liaison, drop in sessions, training/information evenings and access to external professional agencies.
Who can I talk to in school?

Lower School

Mrs Manchaud-Green – Head of Lower School

Miss K Cook – Head of Year 7

Miss N Keyes- Head of Year 8

Mr P Williams – Head of Year 9

Mrs S Huxted – Pastoral Support Officer

Middle School

Mr D Coate – Head of Middle School

Mr S Pepper – Head of Year 10

Mr B Ward – Head of Year 11

Mrs K Ross – Pastoral Support Assistant

Sixth Form

Mr K Bailey – Head of Sixth Form

Mr A Milne – Head of Year 12

Mr C Loizou – Head of Year 13

Mrs F Jennings – Student Services


Mrs H Dennis – SENCO and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs R Nankervis, Mrs S Hyder, Mrs C Carberry, Mrs V Lewis, Mrs H Kingham and Miss N Syplywczak


Mr C Morris – Deputy Head and Safeguarding Lead


The school has extensive and diverse provision in place in order to support the wellbeing of its whole community. This includes pastoral monitoring/liaison, in-house counsellors, external agency involvement and sessions from external mental health providers for students, staff and parents.

If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01634 844 008 – please see the ‘Who can I talk to?’ section for guidance on the best placed member of staff to contact.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Wellbeing Award for Schools

On Monday 10th February 2020, the school was audited for the Wellbeing Award for Schools, which determined whether the work the school has done with Wellbeing and Mental Health across the whole school was enough to meet the criteria for certification purposes. We are delighted to be able to share the news that we have fulfilled the criteria in every category of assessment and have formally received the Wellbeing Award for Schools.

We began the journey for the Wellbeing Award 18 months ago, to look to build upon the extensive work we were already doing with pupils around their wellbeing, and to develop a culture within our school that values Mental Health and Wellbeing at every level, for everyone who is a part of the school, including parents and staff.

We are hugely grateful for all the support and cooperation from our whole school community in order to effectively support Wellbeing and Mental Health at the Math. Whilst we are hugely proud to have received the recognition for this through the award process, it is very much a focus that we will continue to develop over time, and we look forward to working with our community over the coming months, with new ways we can secure and build upon our whole school approach to Wellbeing.

MIND at the Math

The school works closely with the Mental Health Charity, ‘Mind’. The charity will be running Parent telephone sessions and training sessions on the following dates:

Year 13 Parents Only

Tuesday 29th September 2020

 Year 11 Parents Only

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Year 12 Parents Only

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Parent Advice session on
Managing Anxiety
(open to all parents of all year groups)

Tuesday 15th December 2020

Year 7 Parents Only

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Year 9 Parents Only

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Year 10 Parents Only

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Parent Advice session
Practical solutions for supporting your son/daughter with their exams
(Year 13 and 11 parents only)

Tuesday 27th April 2021

Year 8 Parents Only

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Any Year Group drop in

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Any Year Group drop in

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Useful Websites

Young Minds
Time to Change
Talk to Frank
Heads Together

Letter from Assistant Headteacher

We are aware that, following the news of school closures and the current situation we are experiencing, many of our community may be feeling concerned and anxious at this time.

In order to support with this, we have put together below some links to websites/resources/videos (including talking about the Coronavirus with your family, coping with anxiety, activities for families in self-isolation and looking after your mental and physical health) that you or your child may find useful.

Some links are aimed at parents and others at young people. We are also aware that some families have much younger or primary school aged children, therefore, there are also
links aimed at this age group as well as social stories to assist parents/carers with explaining the situation to those children who are much younger.

The wellbeing of our students remains as important as it always has done, and we would ask that if you have any concerns regarding your son or daughters mental health in the coming
weeks, that you let us know so we can support where possible.

Kind Regards,
Mrs Dennis| Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Information about the virus and ideas for family activities whilst self-isolating

Young Minds – what to do if you are anxious about the virus

Child Mind Institute – Talking to kids about coronavirus

For families of early years age children including an activity guide:

Tips for Families

At Home Activity Guide

Parent-focused ideas from Special Needs Jungle about how to support children with anxiety around coronavirus, including an easy-read explanation for children and adults with learning difficulties.

Special Needs Jungle

Information for parents on the virus translated into different languages

Video with guidance for Parents/Carers on supporting young people:

Please find below links to some information, resources and guidance on a range of wellbeing topics. There is a lot of different information in varying formats that will not be suitable for everyone, but certain aspects may be useful to you and your family: