Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School rated outstanding in every way by Ofsted

Four students from SJWMS stood in a leafy area wearing their school uniform

Leigh Academies Trust is delighted to announce that Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School has been graded ‘Outstanding’ in all categories following their recent Ofsted inspection in March. This marks the first inspection since 2008, and they continue their tradition of excellence under the new, more rigorous Ofsted framework.

The school stands out as one of the few institutions that have retained their ‘Outstanding’ designation amidst a significant proportion of schools losing this status. This achievement highlights the dedication and hard work of our students, teaching staff, and support staff.

The Ofsted report praises the exceptional behaviour of students and the positive, inclusive, and aspirational culture at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School. It also acknowledges the high expectations and ambition for all students, while emphasising the importance of personal development and character education.

In terms of curriculum, the report recognises the exceptionally strong subject knowledge of our teachers and describes the curriculum as “boldly ambitious.” The school are particularly proud that SEN pupils and disadvantaged pupils make exceptional progress and are not left behind.

Eliot Hodges, Principal said:

“We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our students, who are a privilege to teach and the core of our success. We also thank our motivated and hardworking staff for their unwavering dedication to our students’ growth and opportunities. Additionally, we appreciate the invaluable support of our parents, whose commitment to education, positive attitudes, and assistance enable our ongoing achievements.

We would also like to acknowledge the Leigh Academies Trust for their significant contribution to our school’s success since our merger in January 2019 and their unwavering support”.

Leigh Academies Trust congratulates Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School on this fantastic achievement and thanks everyone involved in the academy community for helping to achieve this remarkable success.

The full Ofsted report can be found below:

Ofsted report March 2023