Rights Respecting School


Since September 2017 the school has been committed towards becoming a UNICEF rights respecting school.  We felt that the ethos of our school meant that we already met much of the criteria.  We have been working to ensure that all members of our school community ensure that all children receive and are educated about the rights set out for them in the UN convention on the rights of the child as well as being made aware that unfortunately not all children are as lucky as themselves in being able to take these rights for granted.  Pupils and staff in the school work together to ensure that we all have access to our rights and that our actions do not prevent others from enjoying their rights.  As a school we have created our own rights charter which is displayed in classrooms and offices and sets out the rights we feel are most important to us within our community.  We have also worked hard to raise money to support those children who may not have access to all of their rights.  You can access a summary of the UN convention on the rights of the child at the link below.