Post-16 Results 2021

Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School building.

It has been another superb year for Sixth Formers at the Rochester Math School. The 177 Year 13 students who collected their results enjoyed considerable success, the best ever achieved.

17.5% of all grades awarded were at A*, up from 15% last year. 44.6% of all grades awarded were at A* and A level, up by 5% from last year, while 71.7% of all grades secured by these senior students were at A*-B level.   

The average points per subject, a measure of the typical grade per A level, is 41.97, the highest ever achieved by students at the school and equates to a B+ grade. 

35 students gained 3 or 4 A*/A grades. Remarkably, 100 students (56% of the year group) avoided any grade lower than a B. A key benchmark is the proportion of students gaining at least AAB in two facilitating subjects, which this year is 34% of Year 13, up 10% on last year.  

The Russell Group and Oxbridge university hopefuls from the school had particular cause for celebration.

The top performing students with 3 or 4 A* grades are James, Miles, Aman(4 A* grades), Oliver , Rebekah , Aadesh , Eric , Thaahir , Henry , Jonathan (4 A* grades)and Vinay.

Headteacher Eliot Hodges said ‘I am delighted for all our students. They, together with their teachers, have worked really hard and it has paid off. They are a great group of young people who will now move on with confidence to the next stage in their lives’.

Chair of Governors Steve Brightman said ‘Once again the students of the Math have produced a set of results unequalled in recent years’.

Manteer gaining A*AB and going to study Medicine at Kings and Jodie achieving A*A*A will go to study Law at Glasgow University. Congratulations to you both!

Thaahir gaining A*A*A* will go and study Medicine at Brighton university, congratulations Thaahir!

Jonathan gained A*A*A*A* and will be going to Cambridge university to study Law. This is an amazing achievement, well done Jonathan.

Joshua achieved A*AB and will be going to Loughborough University to study Economics and Management.

Left to right: Oliver (A*A*A), Henry (A*A*A*) and Miles (A*A*A*). Oliver will be going to Kings to study Economics, Henry will study English at Durham and Miles will also study Economics at Bristol. Congratulations to you all!

From Left to Right: Luca (AAB), Vinay (A*A*A*) and Ronald (A*AA). Luca will study French and  Spanish at UCL University, Vinay will study Medicine at UEA and Ronald is going to study Bio Processing of new medicines at UCL. Well done to all three of you!

Dylan achieved A*A*A and will go to study Industrial Engineering at Nottingham university. Congratulations Dylan, we wish you all the best.

Tanitoluwa achieved A*AA and will study Medicine at Imperial University. Well done!!

Joshua gained A*AA and will start an apprenticeship in Insurance for Willis Tower & Watson. Congratulations Josh!

Aadesh achieved A*A*A* and will study Economics at UCL University, well done Aadesh!