Our aim is to support young people in becoming happy, confident and active citizens, ready to play a leading role in whatever walk of life they choose. We do this by ensuring our students do achieve the best possible academic outcomes, while at the same time encouraging them to play a full role in the wider life of the school.

Five core values underpin our work:

  • We ensure the highest standards of achievement;
  • We provide all students with an exciting, challenging and enjoyable curriculum that will prepare them for a rapidly changing, technology dominated world;
  • We promote courtesy, acceptance and respect for others;
  • We place great emphasis on personal development and well-being;
  • We work in partnership with parents and the wider community.

These 5 values guide our approach to developing the character of our pupils. We aim to develop within our pupils several personal traits, dispositions and virtues which will help them live positive, productive and fulfilling lives.

They are:

  • Ambitiousness/excellence
  • Courtesy
  • Acceptance
  • Respect
  • Politeness
  • Determination
  • Self-discipline
  • Cooperation

A phrase we have sometimes used to exemplify what we do is ‘traditional values with cutting edge practices’. This summarises our ethos. In many respects we are unashamedly traditional, believing strongly in notions of respect, politeness and determination. This is shown through a number of traditional events in the school calendar such as Founder’s Day and Prize Giving. However, it is also shown on a daily basis through the way our students are expect to interact with each other and their teachers.

At the same time as this we take a progressive approach to teaching and learning. We make best use of modern equipment from laser cutters in DT to the interactive whiteboards that are present in almost all classrooms. We also make use of our Virtual Learning Environment and our on-line homework system to support learning outside the classroom. In class lessons are fun and interactive, but at the same time challenging and demanding.