Old Williamsonian Club Annual Dinner 2021


Dear Old Williamsonians and friends,


I am very much hoping that we are going to be in a position to hold the Annual Dinner in October 2021.

I attach a formal notice and very much hope I will see you there.

 I have been through a period of radio silence, for which I apologise, which was due to the fact that the data centre in Strasbourg which hosted my email burned down on 10th March which fact I did not discover until 30th April.  Even worse, they had failed to back-up so I have lost all my email between July 2012 and 30th April 2021.

 I now have a working email with a new email address – see above – and I hope to soon be back to normal service.


 Kind Regards,


Ian McLeod

Chairman, Old Williamsonian Club


Please click here to view/download the formal notice for the Old Williamsonian Club Annual Dinner 2021.

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