IRIS Connect – Building on teaching excellence through collaboration and sharing practice


Dear Parent/Carer

As I mentioned in my previous letter to parents on Friday 22nd January, I have been extremely impressed by how well our students have settled into remote learning and live lessons. This method of delivering education looks set to be with us, in one form or another, for a while yet. Despite the adaptability our students and staff have demonstrated in getting to grips with remote learning, it does pose challenges for the future. We are mindful that students will come back to us with differing knowledge gaps, variable coverage of topics and varying amounts of written work in exercise books.

We would usually be able to visit lessons to check what our students are working on, how well they are progressing and if missed knowledge is being learned. Uncertain as we are about what conditions will apply when students return to school, we anticipate our usual methods of doing this may be slightly restricted, and to that end the school will be making use of a software package called IRIS Connect. This technology allows teachers to record segments or clips of lessons, and also facilitates other colleagues, such as Heads of Year or subject leaders, to be able to view more easily the work being done by students in a classroom.

We hope that by making use of this piece of technology, the quality of what we can do when our students return to school will be further enhanced.   If you have any questions regarding this new tool then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Your sincerely

Mr E Hodges | Headteacher