The co-curricular programme of this school is extensive. It involves music, drama, sport and outdoor activities to name just a few. Clubs and societies organised by both staff and pupils operate at lunchtime or after school.

Out of school activities are regarded as an important enrichment of educational opportunity rather than a tacked on optional extra.The Headteacher has access to funds to alleviate cases of financial hardship. Request for assistance are always treated in the strictest confidence.

Whilst the central thrust of our education programme is, of course, the classroom, we see it as our task to encourage pupils to experience education or recreational activities which will contribute to their general development, giving them opportunities to show initiative and take responsibility and in many cases, stay with them and continue to enrich their lives as adult hobbies and interest, long after they have forgotten their chemistry or their history!

There are so many activities, not all of them have been listed on this website. Frequently it is not a problem encouraging pupils to participate, rather it is a case of curbing natural enthusiasm to manageable proportions.


For parents wishing to occupy their son’s or daughter’s time during the Summer vacation, the Summer Sports School may be of interest

Extra-Curricular Clubs 2021-22

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