Pupils will be required by their teacher to participate in live online episodes of learning.

Live lessons will be delivered via Google Meet only and will follow the daily timetable.

A live lesson will occur during the timetabled slot for that lesson, and will usually last for the duration of the lesson. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about what they have heard or seen during the live learning episode.

Attendance at live lessons, including morning registration, is obligatory. Pupils will be informed of which teachers are unable to deliver live lessons during morning registration. They will instead complete the work set on Google Classroom.

Pupils will receive feedback in the lesson itself through commentary by the teacher, sharing of model answers, use of marked quizzes and through worked examples.  Pupils will be required to submit work through Google Classroom as requested by the teacher.  This may be every lesson, or periodically.  Teachers will provide more detailed marking with sufficient regularity to enable them to enter accurate progress grades.  This may not be with the same frequency that takes place during normal schooling.  Parents will continue to receive scheduled progress grades.

Live lessons will be delivered by a teacher physically located in a classroom on the school site using only their work laptop, or from home.

We expect student participants to be sitting at a table to enable note-taking and to look presentable.

Students in Years 7, 10 and 11 have been provided with Chromebooks and should turn on their cameras if requested by their teacher. Students in other years will be using their own devices which may not have a camera, or they may be sharing a family device. The expectation remains that cameras should be used if available.

Students should join live lessons punctually and normal classroom standards of behaviour are expected at all times.  Students who join a lesson after the notified start time should expect to be removed by the teacher.

The rules on conduct, mobile telephones and social media written in our Behaviour Statement apply to live online learning. Specifically, students must not use any device to record or copy the image or voice of the teacher or any other student, and must not share, post or circulate any audio or images from the live learning episode.

Pupils whose behaviour falls below the required standard will be removed from the Google Meet and the incident recorded on their file, and will be followed up using our consequences system at the appropriate time.