GCSE Results 2021

Four students sitting around a table while laughing and talking

Year 11 students at the Rochester Math School celebrated a year of superb results this week.

In the benchmark ‘Progress 8’ measure, the school expects to achieve +0.67. This means that, on average, students have achieved more than half a grade better than expected in each of their subjects.

54% of all grades were at 7-9, up from 51% last year.

99% achieved a good pass in English and Mathematics, while 94% gained a strong pass in both subjects. The average grade per GCSE subject taken by the students is 6.72, up from 6.61 last year.

64.1% of all grades in Mathematics were at the top 7-9 band, and 51.3% of those in English.

The average grade achieved across the ‘Ebacc’ group of subjects was 6.81, a B+ grade.

The ‘Attainment 8’ measure, average pupil achievement across 8 qualifications, including English and Maths and at least 3 other English Baccalaureate qualifications is 69.22.

The highest individual performances were recorded by Bailey, Oliver, Mohammad, Aarian, Monty, Jack, Leepohang, James, Matthew, Vinay, Muhammad, Dom, Jinghua, Reece and Tony.

Eliot Hodges, Headteacher, said ‘I’m proud of the successes our students have achieved. I’m particularly delighted that so many gained the top grades because this was a target for us and places our students in a very strong position for sixth form study’.

Chair of Governors Steve Brightman said ‘These results are splendid and a testament to what engaged students and gifted teachers can achieve together. They represent another premier year for the school’.

Aarian achieved nine grade 9’s and one grade 8 and will be studying Economics, Maths & Politics at A – Level. Congratulations Aarian!

From left to right: Bailey (11 grade 9’s) and Tom (1 grade 9, 3 grade 8’s, 4 grade 7’s and 2 grade 6’s). Bailey will be studying Chemistry, Maths, Economics and PE whilst Tom will be studying Maths, Physics and Economics. Well done to you both!

Matthew achieved 8 grade 9’s, 1 grade 8 and 1 grade 7. Matthew will be studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths for A-Levels. Congratulations Matthew!

Malachy achieved 3 grade 7’s, 5 grade 6’s and 2 grade 5’s and will study Classics, English and Geography at A-Level. Well done Malachy!

From left to right: Ihsaan (three 9’s, five 8’s & two 7’s), Jevan (two 9’s, three 8’s, one 7, three 6’s, & one 5) & Joseph (three 8’s, three 7’s, two 6’s & two 5’s). Ihsaan will study Maths, Physics & Economics, Jevan will study Maths, Economics & Chemistry and Joseph will study Maths, Further Maths & Physics.

Oliver achieved 11 grade 9’s and will study Economics, Maths & Chemistry at A-Level. This is a great achievement and you should be really proud, well done!

Oliver collected his results this morning with brother, Will, who collected his A-Level results on Tuesday. Oliver achieved two grade 8’s, four grade 7’s, three grade 6’s and one grade 5. Oliver will be studying Psychology, PE, Geography and Theatre Studies at A-Level. Congratulations to you both!

From left to right: Caleb (two 8’s, six 7’s, one 6 & one 5), Sam (two 7’s, four 6’s & four 5’s), Tom (five 7’s, four 6’s & one 5) & Vinay (seven grade 9’s, two grade 8’s and one grade 7). Congratulations to you all!