At SJWMS we place great emphasis on providing pupils with a broad and balanced education, relevant to current and future requirements and tailored to our individuals’ needs and strengths.

Traditional elements (including a study of the Classics) sit comfortably alongside the latest technologies. Much attention is paid to ensuring the foundations laid in Primary School are built upon whilst at the same time extending the knowledge and skills acquired across the whole range of key stage 2 studies.

Particular features of our curriculum are:

  • All pupils are required to study foreign languages, taking two from Latin, French and Spanish from arrival in Year 7.  One language must be studied to GCSE.
  • Computing is offered both as a provision in its own right and ICT as a cross curricular theme throughout the School. Computing is available at both GCSE and A level.
  • English, Mathematics and Science form the core provision for each pupil to GCSE. In addition, all pupils are asked to continue a modern foreign language and a humanity at  Key Stage 4 – this enables all pupils to be compliant with the English Baccalaureate requirements. In addition, pupils are able to select from a a wide-ranging choice of options.
  • Religious Education is provided at all levels throughout the School from Year 7 to Year 13.
  • All pupils participate in a Life Skills Programme which includes elements of careers education, health and sex education.  Again this is followed from Year 7 to Year 13.
  • Physical Education is compulsory from Year 7 to Year 11 and is an option as part of the compulsory enrichment programme in Year 12 and 13.